Isle of Skye Dog Club


The intention is to set up a club with activities and competitions that members want. It is an opportunity to get out and about with your dogs, give them some additional exercise, fun and socialisation. It is up to us to make it work, and to have fun and meet new people!

I hope to have 4 classes:

Youngster basics (up to 1year old dogs, and late developers)

Obedience training

Beginners Agility


times will probably by Tuesday 6-7, 7-8 and again on Thursdays same times. As with everything else we can finalise times, days, specific classes between now and April.

Everything is fluid, driven by us and what we would like to do.

One of the things I would like to host is an annual winter dog show.

Prices will be £0 membership fees (great value!), session charges will be £5 per dog, paid in cash, in advance for blocks of 6 weeks.

Please email me at or message me on facebook with the following registration details:

Your name, telephone, email, contact info

name, age, breed of your dog

which class or classes you are interested in

any suggestions for classes/activities

any questions/concerns.

All dogs must have up to date vaccinations, and be on a lead when coming onto the property.

I will update the page and website with some background information on our instructor within the next couple of days.I am really keen for this to go well, the main purpose is to have fun and launch something new in our community.

Many thanks